Why Choose Us?

We firmly believe in the environmental and economic benefits of providing farm fresh poultry to the local community. We work hard to provide them with a nourishing habitat in which they can thrive.

We are burning midnight oil to provide the finest and freshest quality cage-free livestock as well as serve you different taste of our Rare Breed Poultry (Kadaknath,Rani Chicken).

Keys to these objectives were then qualified as

  • Availability of high performance livestock.
  • Availability of balanced feed.
  • Availability of adequate health care.
  • Housing and Husbandry practices to support high yielding LiveStock.
  • To be committed to the advancement of research and education in poultry science and technology.
  • To increase the availability and constant improvement of the quality and safety of poultry products.


Cage-Free Farming

We continue to use the same natural cage-free farming methods that our Grandfather used. We work hard each day to ensure the highest quality of life for our hens and strive to deliver the best eggs & meat for our customers. After all, a healthy and happy hen produces a fantastic egg. We hope you enjoy our meat & eggs. We want to became a leader in the improved standards of animal welfare by converting our entire farm into lose housing. This means that we have NO CAGES on our farm. All our birds have free access to nests, perches, scratch areas to dust bathe, water and feed. We strongly believe that a healthy and happy hen gives the best eggs and delicious meat.


All-Natural Feed

We feed our hens a healthy, all-natural vegetable and grain feed without any added antibiotics, steroids or animal by-products. With a well-balanced natural diet our birds are very healthy and that translates to your eggs being the most delicious and nutritious product on the shelf.


We Care Our Livestock

Kadaknath / Rani Chicken

When the birds are a day old, we have them securely and safely shipped from a hatchery to our farm. We do this to ensure the birds are raised in an environment that meets our high standards. We feed our poultry a wholesome diet that is regimented, consistent, and absolutely free of any antibiotics, hormones, or meat by-products of any kind. Our on-site slaughterhouse allows us to sell, quite literally, the freshest poultry possible without it ever being previously frozen.