Welcome to GoatChi Farm

We have worked hard to position ourselves as the quality and service standard for humanely raised poultry for the purpose of delivering fresh eggs, meat to our community.

We are an emerging enterprise in the field of livestock farming & marketing. Our farm was started, in a view to provide healthy and protein rich meat to the people. Our Farm provides spacious and healthy environment to the poultry we raise.

Our Rare Breed Poultry(Kadaknath,Rani Chicken) is some of the finest you will find anywhere which we ship throughout the India.

Soon, more and more people began to understand that their health, environment, and local economy, all benefit from the consumption of local produce. In order to join these conscientious efforts and to cater to the growing number of local farm supporters, GoatChi established a business strategy that allowed expansion.

Goatchi Farm

What we belive


Developing the Poultry farming as a large, well organised, commercial viable Industry at National level with collective efforts from Agriculture Farmers,Poultry Farmers, Goat Farmers, Business Resources, Market Resources and Public



  • Hygienic and quality production of breeds and products
  • Adapting standard, natural, scientific methods along with the modern technology
  • Provide proper practical training
  • Organise Workshops and Seminars on Livestock farming practices, trends, Market Analysis etc...
  • Develop the Network among Farmers, Market resources and Livestock farming aspirants


  • Integrity First
  • Providing the Best service to the Customers
  • Excellence in All We Do