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What is Kadaknath?

Kadaknath is only Black Meat Chicken (B.M.C.) Breed of to Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh (MP), India Madhya Pradesh, India.Kadaknath is one of the rarest birds available in the world.

Kadaknath Eggs

Both the meat and eggs are rich source of protein (25.47% in flesh) and iron. Rich in amino acids and higher than that of other kinds of bird eggs.

Kadaknath Chicks

Kadaknath is very popular among the adiwasis mainly due to its adaptability to the local environment, disease resistance, tasty meat quality, texture and flavour.

Kadaknath main

Nutritional Value

Kadaknath has unique medicinal value in homeopathy and a particular nervous dysfunction. The eggs are also nutritive, especially for aged people and high blood pressure victims.

Merits of Kadaknath

Kadaknath chicken meat is textured and flavoured.This meat helps to increase blood cells and haemoglobin.These can survive even on kitchen waste.

Some Facts of Kadaknath

The tribal community in MP uses Kadaknath chicken blood in the treatment of chronic disease.The Kadaknath breed is hardy and highly resistant for diseases.

Kadaknath Chicken VS Broiler

A white leghom hen is selectively bred to lay320 – 330 eggs out of 365 days in a year, where as kadaknath hen lays around 120 -130 eggs in a year taking the same amount of feed as that of a white leghom hen. So it’s obvious that the price has to be 3 times higher as that of a white egg.

The kadaknath chicken eggs are used to treat headaches,post delivery problems.asthma and nephritis. Kadaknath chicken is said to be good for women health as well. The kadaknath chicken eggs are also have good nutrition valuse and good for old people. The kadaknath breed is hardy and highly resistant for diseases.

Kadaknath is from the Madhya Pradesh Region. One unique but surprising feature of this breed is that it’s feathers; beak; skin; legs; eyes; everything is black. Even it has a black layer over its meat.The demand for Kadaknath chicken is growing day by day due to their excellent medicinal values.

Nutritional Value Comparison:-

The following chart compares the Kadaknath nutritional values with other chicken breeds.

Properties Kadaknath Chicken Other Chicken
Protin Content 25% 18 to 20%
Fat Content 0.73 to 1.03 13 to 25%
Linoleic Acid 24% 21%
Cholesterol 184mg / 100gm / 100gm