Kadaknath Chicken Diseases

Kadaknath is disease-resistant super chicken

The Kadaknath is highly disease resistant and a hardy bird. Unlike broiler chicken, it can survive and even thrive on kitchen waste. It is also a semi-scavenger and an ideal ally for farmers who are looking to supplement their income.

the Kadaknath is a healthier alternative to broiler chicken. “It has more protein, less fat and its meat contains less cholesterol than regular chicken.” The CPDO is among the agencies that is working towards making Kadaknath more popular in the country and supplies chicks to farmers in rural areas across the country.

Compared to broiler chicken, the Kadaknath also has a lower Feed Conversion Ratio. “The Kadaknath converts feed quickly into meat — unlike broiler chicken, which also requires an energy-rich diet to sustain itself,”

Like the jungle fowl, it takes a long time to become tender. It’s usually cooked with skin on a slow fire for at least 2 hours.